About Patt
About Patt

Dr. Patt Schwab holds academic degrees in History, Student Personnel, and Administration. She also holds the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association, the CSP, or Certified Professional Speaker.

A firm believer in taking humor seriously, Patt combines years of hands-on management, teaching and training with 11 years of working as a full time professional speaker in Europe, Canada and the USA. Her programs are packed with humor, insight, and practical tips for managing people, coping with change, and enriching work and home life.

Patt encourages her audiences to use humor to rise above workplace challenges, insisting that the fresh perspective humor provides helps reaffirm competence and identify what really matters. She raises the philosophical question: What if the Hokey Pokey IS What It’s All About?

Dr. Schwab's major interest has always been staff training and development. Her doctoral thesis, on team building, was titled: "People Support What They Help Create." That theme runs through presentations on managing organizational and individual change, coping with stress and the use of humor as a management tool.

Dr. Schwab has worked at a variety of colleges and universities, including Penn State, the University of California and the University of Washington, and supervised staffs as large as 150. She is currently the president of FUNdamentally Speaking, an international speaking and consulting firm, dedicated to putting the “fun” before “da mental!” Patt has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and has made frequent television and radio guest appearances in the USA and Europe.

Her business is 90% referral, largely because of her ability to tailor her remarks to the needs and issues of her audiences. Patt's clients have included groups as diverse as city officials in Holland, the Washington Medical Association, the US military in Germany, the California Fertilizer Association and the Mennonites in Kansas. Her programs inspire attendees to look inside themselves for a humorous perspective on workplace problems and challenges.

Dr. Schwab has served for three years as a citizen member on the Washington State Bar Disciplinary Committee and is president of the National Speakers Association/Northwest Chapter. She is currently developing a meditative martial art form for people suffering from Irony Deficiency. It is called Tai Chi Ken.

Patt's only notable award during college was winning the campus hog calling contest. She credits this dubious honor with starting her public speaking career.

Patt shows individuals & organizations how humor can make them more competent at coping with change, reducing stress, achieving their goals and managing other people. Here are some of her more quotable remarks about what she has learned:

On Life:

The 3 secrets to a happy life are: good health, a short memory and someone to laugh with!

The epitaph I would most like to have is the one my six-year-old niece suggested for her pet gerbil when he died: He was fun while he lasted!

If you don't pause, nothing worthwhile will catch up with you.

On Organizations:

Celebrating a day of humor doesn't change an organization any more than it does a person. Adopting an attitude of humor that encourages risk taking, creativity, diversity and adventure...that is how to change an organization and those who are a part of it.

Laughing at something together implies shared values and experiences. It builds deep ties quickly. In fact, shared laughter is one of the two fastest ways to build a team. The other is through a shared crises. If you are worried about the bottom line, laughter is a lot cheaper!

If you want good customer service, treat your employees as you would your best customers.

If you really want to change an organization you must change the reward system.

On Technology and Stress

Much of our stress is caused by Artificial Urgency: the belief that because we can do something faster, we must do it faster. Technology is here to serve us, not the other way around. Choose to be the Master of your Universe, not a Poster Child for the Breathless Society.

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The National Speakers Association (NSA) is the leading organization for experts who speak professionally.

NSA's 4,000 members include experts in a variety of industries and disciplines, who reach audiences as trainers, educators, humorists, motivators, consultants, authors and more.


The Certified Speaking Professional designation, or CSP, is an earned professional designation held by less than 10% of professional speakers.

It signifies achievement through a proven record of speaking experience with a variety of audiences; including a minimum number of fee-paid presentations, continuing education credits and at least five consecutive years of professional speaking experience.

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