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Act Normal!


Rubber Chickens- Normal for Banquets--but at work!

Act Normal!
Exploring the Four Basic Behavior Styles

with Patt Schwab, Ph.D, CSP


The Dutch say:

Act Normal- That's Crazy Enough!

What is "normal" in today's workplace?
And why do "normal" people act so differently?

Good communication doesn't depend on how much we talk to each other. It doesn't depend on how many memos and e-mail messages we exchange. It doesn't even depend on how in we are on what is going on inside the organization.

It depends on how much trust and respect we have for the individuals with whom we work. As the workplace becomes more diverse, communication problems arise because our coworkers don't see the job, the project, the customers, the organization, or life in general, the same way we do.

What's worse, there is no time to work out these differences. On a daily basis, we are asked to do more with less, to cut costs and increase productivity, to learn some new technology or work on some new equipment. Stress builds and trust and respect drop.

This workshop covers the four behavior styles most commonly found in the workplace. It focuses on how trust and respect are directly related to these styles and encourages greater understanding of and appreciation for the different abilities each individual brings to the workplace. It shows how understanding the people we work with cuts stresses and builds trust and respect.

If you have ever wanted to say (or someone has said to you!):

I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but,

I am not sure you realize that what you head is not what I meant!

This program is for you!


Meeting planner notes: This program provides a lot of fun as well as some great personal and group insights. Most importantly, it provides a common vocabulary to discuss style differences with coworkers, supervisors, and subordinates. If your group has done a behavior profile before, the program can be designed as a refresher and update.

This workshop is best as a 4-6 hour program an utilizes and instrument to determine the style of each participant.

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