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Creative Problem Solving


Working Creatively at Work
Creative Problem Solving as a Way of Life

Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP


Creativity is not just for inventors and artists. It is a survival skill in a rapidly changing world. Complacency is a luxury we can no longer afford. Put more simply, those of us resting on our laurels, are wearing them on the wrong end!

Many of us have problems for which the old solutions don't work. We need to find new ways to solve problems and preempt future ones. With that in mind, this workshop is divided into three sections:

1. Developing a flexible mindset for problem solving. "Dreams do not build bridges, but no bridge is built without one."

2. Techniques to expand your problem analysis
"If the only tool a man has is a hammer, he will treat every problem as though it were a nail." (Abraham Maslow)

3. Decision making tools for choosing the right answers from creative possibilities. For every insolvable problem, there is at least one elegant solution." (Harvey Jankins)

While emphasizing specific creative problem solving techniques, Dr. Patt Schwab
stresses the importance of humor, risk taking and creativity as a part of daily life.
These are, she insists, profession enhancing, life enriching skills anyone can learn.
Meeting Planner Notes: This 3-6 hour skill building workshop uses a humorous, collaborative approach which makes it a winner placed early in a conference program or used to subtly connect different staff groups within an organization. It is a fun, technique filled session in which the various exercises promote interaction among attendees as they build creativity skills.

It can easily be tailored to include problem solving around an existing organizational issue or around issues individual to each attendee.

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