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When Hell Freezes Over



A Formula for Mastering Personal & Organizational Change

When Hell Freezes Over—
Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP

The future is bearing down on us like a pavement steam roller. Our choice is to climb into the driver’s seat or to risk becoming part of the road!

Facing change and adversity is increasingly a part of life for many of us. It may be the loss of an important client or project. It might be coping with an undesirable regulatory decision, with new technology, a broken heart or a debilitating personal injury. Such adversities can be genuine setbacks for anyone.

Using a five step formula of wit and wisdom, Dr. Schwab will show you how to weather change and adversity and emerge the better for it.

The formula uses the word "SKATE" as an acronym:

S - SCREAM and acknowledge your feelings
K - KEEP your perspective with humor
A - ANALYZE what went wrong and ACCEPT what you have to
T - THINK of all the good things
E - EVALUATE your options and move on


Meeting Planner Notes - A humorous and motivational keynote, this program can easily be tailored to include references to a conference agenda and the concept of continuing professional education.

The 2-3 hour version can be crafted to explore the process of organizational change—what to anticipate and how to keep focused through it. Exercises are included to promote interaction among attendee and/or to build insight and coping skills.

NOTE: A section with organizational change models can be included to help supervisors facilitate change.

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