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Patt's presentations are designed to teach her audiences how to have more fun and be more competent in their professional and personal lives.

All of Dr. Schwab’s programs use humor to get their point across and each is designed to assist the audience in putting problems and difficult people or situations into perspective. While the linked write-ups are on the generic side, please know that her presentations are highly researched and adapted to fit the needs and issues of both the occasion and her audience. As she says, “I don’t like failure and it’s easy to fail with humor if you don’t do your homework!” Here is a list of some of her most requested presentations:

Keynote Presentations:

If You Don't Pause, Nothing Worthwhile
Will Catch Up With You
(How to feel significant, competent and appreciated in a fast paced world)

The following can be both Keynotes and 1-3 hour Workshops:

Creating a Legacy of Laughter
(This legacy pays great dividends whether you have made your millions or not)

When Hell Freezes Over—Ice Skate!
(Dealing with change and adversity)

What If The Hokey Pokey IS What It's All About!
(Writing the Next Chapter of Your Life)

Laughing Your Way to the Top!
(What you discover when you listen to the laughter in your workplace!)

Humor's Role in Tragedy
(How Humor Helps us Heal)

3-6 hour Workshops:

L.A.U.G.H...and No One Gets Hurt!
(Creating Organizational Change from the Top)

Dealing with Jerks
(And with Knee Jerk Reactions)

Act Normal—That’s Crazy Enough!
(Exploring the Four Basic Behavior Styles in the workplace)

Creative Problem Solving as a Way of Life
(A variety of creative tricks and techniques focused on group generated problems)

Common Sense—Organized!
(Situational Leadership for High Turn-over Staffs)

Stressed for Success
(The lazy person's guide to stress management)

Want a humor program that's more
than just a stand-up routine?

Is your group interested in understanding or creating humor in their workplace? Would they enjoy laughing while learning about humor?s role in leadership or creativity or health?

Patt's expertise in humor allows her to discuss those topics and more! Here are short descriptions:

1.Creating a Legacy of Laughter - A workshop exploring the many ways we acquire and express our sense of humor, and what things we do (or could do) to enable others to use the benefits of humor. The emphasis is on creating a legacy now that enriches the lives of friends, co-workers and loved ones while it helps us live longer, work more effectively, and invest in fun. (OK, OK, for you financial types, it's actually more like an annuity that pays out big dividends while we're alive, it's just that the alliteration of Legacy of Laughter is so much better!) (Length of program: 90 minutes to 3 hours.)

2.S/He Who Laughs. . .Lasts! Also titled: How to Succeed With Humor—Can You Succeed Without It? This program can be designed to emphasize how to use humor as a management skill, an interpersonal aid, or as a tool to keep perspective and reduce stress in difficult times. It can also be used as a mixer with a focus on group interaction. This presentation usually concludes with a variety of ways to increase the humor in your life "without becoming a clown." (Length of program: 90 minutes to 3 hours.)

3.Laughing Your Way to the Top! - This presentation is geared for folks interested in what you can learn about your organization by listening to the laughter in it. It proposes ways to shape that laughter to enhance creativity, productivity and loyalty and to make the workplace more enjoyable for staff and clients. (Length of program: 60 minutes to 3 hours.)

4.Humor's Role in Tragedy - Designed to be added to selective presentations, Humor's Role in tragedy describes the development of 4 sages of post traumatic humor and what they indicate about the individual or group's state of recovery from a tragedy or disaster. While this material includes humorous examples, it is primarily informative. (Yes, it touches on 9/11 but it doesn't dwell there.)

NOTE: This presentation emphatically does NOT say that joke telling is the way to resolve a tragedy. It looks at the use of situation appropriate humor as one of many indicators of emotional recovery.

5.VITAMIN H - the Prescription for Humor - medical profession
Developed for hospital and nursing home staff and medical personnel, and told from the patient's perspective, this workshop provides insights and practical hints on how to get more humor into the medical workplace and how to use humor as a tool in working with and understanding patients. (Length of program: 90 minutes to 3 hours.)

6. VITAMIN H - the Prescription for Humor - non medical groups
A presentation based on personal experience as well as scientific research, about how humor helped in recovering from a back broken in a horseback riding accident. Emphasis is placed on humor's usefulness in developing relationships with caregivers and about how laughter can help ease pain, relieve anger and build strength. (Length of program: 90 minutes to 3 hours.)

7.Women, Humor & Power (and Men!) - This presentation discusses the use of humor as a managerial and interpersonal skill with an emphasis on gender differences and the workplace. Not a male bashing presentation! (Length of program: 90 minutes to 3 hours.)

8. How to Manage with Humor (Can you manage without it?)
The FUN-ction of Humor in the Workplace - The higher the morale, the lower the injuries—and the faster injured workers return to work. This presentation highlights the ability of humor to: convey information, build loyal work teams, enhance creativity and productivity, help keep perspective and reduce stress in trying times. (Length of program: 60 minutes to 3 hours.)

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