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S/He Who Laughs...Lasts!

Better than chicken soup!

In the Workplace, Humor is a Survival Skill


Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP


Laughter is something we know intuitively is good. By definition, it's pleasant. Yet we rarely acknowledge the real power it has, and although we use it, we rarely use it intentionally—especially in the workplace.

Intentional use of humor means more than sitting around telling jokes. Humor is a tool, not an end in itself. And, as the title of the presentation implies, it is a survival tool. Indeed, she or he who laughs. . . lasts!

The purpose of Dr. Schwab's presentation is to acknowledge humor as the interpersonal skill, learning aid and management tool it really is. She highlights it's ability to:

Convey information.

Make the workplace more enjoyable for staff and clients.

Enhance creativity and productivity.

Help keep perspective and reduce stress in trying times.

Build loyal work teams

Declaring humor the "Ben Gay of the soul," Patt emphasizes the many ways participants can increase the humor in their personal and professional lives.
Meeting Planner Notes: This program is an excellent keynote or 90 minute to 3 hour workshop. As a KEYNOTE it can be tailored to include references to your conference program and/or suggestions to promote interactions between conferees. A section discussing a variety of ways to increase the humor in your life without becoming a clown can be used as a BREAKOUT SESSION after a keynote. As a WORKSHOP, it can be designed to address an agenda item that is particularly current for the organization.

Since laughter, adrenaline and staying awake all go together, this is also a great luncheon or early afternoon presentation.

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