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Laughing Your Way to the Top!

Rubber chickens—they're not just for banquets any more!

What you discover when you
listen to the laughter in your workplace!

Laughing Your Way to the Top!

Humor as a Critical Leadership Skill

Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP

Humor is so much more than joke telling.
It is a workplace tool, not an end in itself.
A tool a successful leader uses wisely.

Patt's presentation is geared for individuals interested in:

What workplace humor tells you about staff morale and values

Why men and women use humor differently

How to reach out (literally!) with a rubber chicken

How to employ humor to convey information that's remembered

Ways to establish outlets for humor with your staff

What research on humor between high & low status individuals reveals

Hints for using humor in international settings

How to use humor to enhance creativity, productivity and safety

This is your opportunity to catch up on leading edge research about workplace humor, while at the same time learning ways to increase
the "smileage" in your personal and professional life.

Meeting Planner Notes:This program can be presented as a 50-90 minute keynote or a 2-4 hour workshop. There are good laughs, but the emphasis is on educating the attendees about the importance of valuing humor in their workplaces and of shaping it in positive ways.

Target Audiences: upper management, human resources professionals, those who are eager to advance in their careers, or all of the above!

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