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Creating a Legacy of Laughter


Humor is not a joke..
Its a state of mind!

If you care about your family, your friends, or yourself, you will set about...

Creating a Legacy of Laughter

Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP

Would you like a legacy that increases in worth every time you spend it?
How about a legacy that actually helps you live longer and work more effectively?
How about a legacy where the time you spend investing in it is fun?

A legacy of laughter is something you can share with friends, colleagues and loved ones whether you have made your millions or not. It is the easiest and most lasting of gifts, the most fun to create, and, in practical terms, one of the most valuable personally and professionally to acquire while you are still on this planet.

Because "It's no use having a good memory unless you have something good to remember!"

Dr. Schwab provides some hints on how to create such a legacy.

Patt encourages her audiences to examine:

The things they do or see that cause them to laugh.
The things they do (preferably intentionally!) that cause others to laugh.
The importance of humor in their life for health, resilience and stress reduction

Fun means different things to different people, but those who consider themselves successful all report that they have more of it.
Meeting Planner Notes:
This is an excellent keynote to set the tone for a conference. It can also be presented as a 90 minute to 3 hour workshop to promote interaction and introspection. It can be tailored to include references to your conference program and/or suggestions to promote interactions between conferees, colleagues or association members. It always includes ways to increase connective humor in the lives of the audience. Since laughter, adrenaline and staying awake all go together, this is also a great luncheon or early afternoon presentation.

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