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How to Manage With Humor

How To Manage With
Can you manage without it?)
The FUN—ction of Humor in the Workplace

Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP

First they tell us to make our work force produce faster and to be more accountable. Then they insist that we provide better customer service and quality control. Finally they take away everyone's job security. What's a manager to do?

There are 3 ways to motivate people to work harder, faster and smarter:

1. Threaten them.

2. Pay them lots of money.

3. Make their work fun.

In today's workplace, threatening people has not been effective. Paying them lots of money (even if you can afford it) has only shown short-term success. Only number three, making their workplace enjoyable, has a track record of effecting real change. It is time managers learned how to create an atmosphere that is challenging, creative and fun for employees as well as for themselves.

Remember, s/he who laughs. . . lasts!

The purpose of this presentation is to acknowledge humor as the interpersonal skill, learning aid and management tool it really is. Dr. Schwab highlights it's ability to:

Convey information.

Build loyal work teams.

Enhance creativity, productivity and safety.

Help keep perspective and reduce stress in trying times.

Make the workplace more enjoyable for staff, clients and customers.

Dr. Schwab insists: Celebrating a day of humor doesn't change an organization any more than it does a person. Adopting an attitude of humor—one that encourages risk taking, creativity, diversity and adventure—ah. . .that is how to change an organization and all those who are a part of it.


Meeting Planner Notes: This program is an excellent 90 minute to 3 hour workshop. It can be designed as part of a supervisor training program or to address an issue that is particularly current for the organization. It usually concludes with a section discussing a variety of ways to increase the humor in your life without becoming a clown.

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