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If You Don't Pause,
Nothing Worthwhile Will Catch Up With You

Nothing Worthwhile Will Catch Up With You.
Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP

Remember the Coca Cola ad praising the Pause that Refreshes? Do you know what happened to that pause? We let the pace of life weasel it away from us. In the process we've become a crabby, nasty, me-first nation of soreheads. Why isn't all the new technology making us feel more connected, more productive or more content?

Dr. Patt Schwab's answer is that we have been in such a hurry to run the human race, we have neglected our most basic human needs: to feel significant, to feel competent, and to feel loved & appreciated. She raises the following questions:

  • How do you feel significant as a too crowded world races by you?
  • How do you maintain a feeling of competence when things are changing too fast to have a sense of mastery over them?
  • How do you develop open, supportive relationships in a workplace where few of us have the time to kick back, toss around ideas and get to know each other?

Patt proposes three simple strategies to keep you (and your employees) balanced in a fast changing world. Better yet, they are strategies you will enjoy implementing.

Whether you are cruising the information highway or lost on a frontage road, this motivational presentation provides humorous, thought provoking and effective hints for mastering the pace of your personal and professional life.

Meeting Planner Notes:
This 50-90 minute keynote emphasizes the need to pause, to celebrate our triumphs and to indulge in the positive emotions. It is ideal as the opener for a conference or training day or for an awards banquet because it blends so well with the purpose of the activity: the event creates a time to pause, to reward each other's successes and to feel good about oneself and one's colleagues.



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