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Stressed for Success!

There is Nothing Fowl about being...

Stressed for Success!

The Smart Person's Guide to Stress Management

Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP

We all know about controlling stress through time management, good nutrition, and proper exercise. So why don't we do it? Frankly, because it's boring, or because for some of us, doing the "right thing" causes more aggravation - more stress - than just muddling along with our old ineffective habits. This program will help you get beyond the septic tank syndrome (where it feels as if the entire world is flushing in your direction!). It will help you do so with a smile.

The workshop grows from three premises:

  • You know more than you think. We would not be as old as we are if we didn't know some stress reduction techniques that work for us. The trick is to identify them, justify them, and use them.
  • If your only tool is a hammer, you will treat every problem as if it were a nail. Creative thinking provides options that reduce stress.
  • Laughter is the Ben Gay of the soul. The addition of positive factors in life, rather than merely a lack of negative factors, is crucial in reducing stress.

Using humor, creative problem solving, and what attendees already know about themselves, Dr. Schwab helps participants tailor individual stress reduction programs that work.


Meeting Planner Notes: This humorous and interactive program emphasizes an introspective look at the stressors in the lives of attendees. Because what stresses one person may energize another, the focus is on developing individualized action plans.

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