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Vitamin H
The Prescription for Humor


Reduce stress! Improve your health!
Diminish chronic pain!
Find new friends!

Do it all with a technique you don't have to pay for,
swallow a pill for, or take a test for!

Let Patt Schwab, Ph.D., CSP,
tell you about the wonders of

VITAMIN H — the Prescription for Humor!

Better than chicken soup!

In this humorous and informative presentation, Dr. Schwab reminds us that there is a powerful, inexpensive vitamin we may not be taking as regularly as our good health requires. She is speaking of Vitamin H: our sense of humor. "Sick" Humor Can Make You Well!

Dr. Schwab's theories about the beneficial effects of humor are based on personal experience as well as scientific research. After a horseback riding accident left her with a T-6 fracture and a prognosis of paraplegia, humor was her personal weapon during the long process of recovery. She talks about how humor helped her in her relationships with her doctors and therapists and about how laughter can help ease pain, relieve anger and build strength . . . all important ingredients in the healing process.

Declaring humor the "Ben Gay of the soul," Patt encourages her audience to look inside themselves for a humorous perspective on personal problems and challenges. She highlights humor's ability to:

Impact physiologically on good health

Enhance rapport with care givers

Help keep perspective

Reduce stress in trying times

The last part of her program emphasizes the many ways we can increase the "smileage" in our personal and professional lives.


Meeting Planner Notes: This program is an excellent keynote or 90 minute to 3 hour workshop. As a WORKSHOP, it can be designed to promote interactions between conferees. As a KEYNOTE it can be tailored to include references to your conference program. A section discussing a variety of ways to increase the humor in your life without becoming a clown can be used as a BREAKOUT session after a keynote.

It can also be developed as a COMMUNITY EDUCATION EVENT sponsored by a hospital, clinic, or any organization promoting humor and health. Since laughter, adrenaline and staying awake all go together, this is also a great luncheon or early afternoon presentation.

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