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Women, Humor & Power
(and Men!)


(and Men!)

A Workshop by
Patt Schwab, Ph.D.

Used correctly, humor is a power tool tailored for promotions.
Used incorrectly, it can have devastating results.

When it comes to humor, as in most aspects of our lives, women and men have been acculturated differently. Women need to know the differences so that as they move into the board room and reach out to make humorous contact with new colleagues, thehumor they use will convey the desired message and impact. It is entirely too easy for a woman to misunderstand a humorous remark from a man or to unwittingly shoot herself in the foot with some clever, but misconstrued, remark of her own.

Used correctly in the workplace, humor can help:

Establish rapport

Increase your power

Retain information

Put things into perspective

Get your point across

Relieve tension

Enhance creativity

Improve your health

This presentation discusses the use of humor as a managerial and interpersonal skill with an emphasis on gender differences and the workplace.

Meeting Planner Notes:

This program is a good luncheon or dinner presentation, but is at its best as a 2 to 3 hour workshop where participants have an opportunity to discuss and practice the ideas presented. Many attendees appreciate the final section discussing a variety of ways to increase the humor in their life without becoming a clown.

This is NOT a male bashing presentation! Indeed with very few exceptions, there have been men in the audience each time it has been presented. I have even received fan letters from them agreeing with my theories and remarks!

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