How to Create a Funny file

Part of the Humor Hint Series
Patt Schwab, Ph.D.

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Sooner or later we all get stuck having to do a newsletter, flier or church bulletin. And when we do, we never seem to have the right joke or cartoon. We can't remember where we saw it, or it's been recycled. You can avoid this problem by collecting funny items when you see them. Stuff them in an old envelope or file folder and then, when your number is called, you'll be ready!

Here are some quick hints on how to develop and use your Funny File.

1. Personalize your Funny File. Keep it subtle and tasteful with a neatly typed label, or
go all out with stickers, drawings, cartoons and bright colors. Best yet, commission
your child to draw an art masterpiece on the folder.

2. Find at least six things for your file in the next week. You don't need to continue at
this pace, but it does take a little "yeast" to get a file started.

3. Expand your collection to include funny letters from friends, silly awards, headlines
that made you laugh, pictures your children drew-whatever tickles you.

4. Make notes about funny things that happen to you (or not so funny ones that you know
will seem funny in time). Put these notes in your file to develop later as anecdotes
to explain a process to a new employee or drive a point home to a friend, child or

5. Feeling frenzied? Look in your Funny File to help keep things in perspective.
6. Need the right humor touch for a staff meeting, party or speech? Review your Funny
File. You'll be amazed at the fresh ideas.

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