Six Ways to Create Jokes



Part of the Humor Hint Series
Patt Schwab, Ph.D.

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Creating jokes is no laugh! It can be hard work. The following hints will make it easier for you to doctor up old stories and create new ones.

1. Take events that really happened to you and play with them - make them into funny

2. Remember the two rules of humorous anecdotes: "Anything worth telling is worth
exaggerating!" and "Never let the truth get in the way of a really good story!"

3. Make light of obviously important events. "My health is so bad my doctor told me not
to start reading any trilogies."

4. Use exaggeration: "Procrastinate? Not me! It's only by accident that I have the picture of my baby's first tooth and her first wedding on the same roll of film."

5. Use reverse thinking: "I was watching the fights the other night and a hockey game
broke out."

6. Americans like to think in threes, so use the 1-2-3 formula: "My husband would never
cheat on me. 1.) He's too loyal 2.) He's too loving 3.) He's too old!"

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