Add Life to Your Life!

What If the Hokey Pokey IS
What It's All About?

Writing the Next Chapter of Your Life


A whole section on
figuring out your
Grand Purpose

Quotes to inspire your life!

Quotes to rationalize your life!

Exercises to refine your life!

Are you are starting a new job or a new family?
Moving to a new place or digging in right where you are?
Retiring from the workplace or retraining for a new skill set?

In 8 easy steps, this workbook will focus you on getting the most from the
next chapter of your life—whatever it might be!

You are going to spend the rest of your life doing
something. It may as well be something you want to do!

Peter McWilliams

Put your whole self in -- to your life!

Plan the life you want for only $14.95


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