Here are just a few reasons why people bought this book and why you might want to buy it too!

I bought it for the office

There were so many conflicts in my office about what and what not to celebrate we voted to go with obscure holidays. Now we celebrate when we feel we need to, not when some national holiday tells us to. Actually, some of these holidays are so wonderfully weird we celebrate them whether we need a celebration or not!

Beth Surrell

I bought it for business

I let my competitors fight it out over Labor Day, Christmas and the like. I stand out by building promotions to my clients around obscure holidays that relate to my business or, better yet, to theirs.

Vic Chipolla

I bought it for the women at Curves

As a manager at Curves, I'm always looking for fun, new ideas to build promotions around. The Obscure Holiday Handbook is a great resource!

Laura Drevecky

I bought it for my family

Each of our kids gets to choose an obscure holiday for the family to celebrate every year. It's been fun to watch their tastes change from Incredible Kid Day to Awkward Moments Day. Personally, I can't wait until they are all finally old enough to celebrate Canned Beer Day!

Mike Smikeland

I bought it for my Senior Center

We are always on alert for some event that will let us decorate our Senior Center in a fun way that will encourage conversation between residents. Obscure Holidays is perfect for us. There are serious dates, like Vaccination Month and National Heart Month, mixed in with all the silly ones. We are particularly looking forward to National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day!

Carol Nelson

I bought it for my friends and neighbors

We use obscure holidays as an excuse to get together. You really cannot beat a theme like Give Your Heart to Art Day or my own personal favorite, Shallow Person's Week!

Janet Luhrs

Enough, already!

Spend the money. Buy this book and start celebrating.

Heck, buy some for your friends so you can go to their celebrations too!

Only $14.95!


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