Chickens, Etc.

Dr. Patt Schwab says:

Don't Let Someone Fowl Up Your Day!
Fight Back with a Rubber Chicken!

Deluxe Rubber Chicken - (For serious fowl-ups)

Over 20 inches of the finest avian latex available!
Each only $10.00

Subtly shaded in natural chicken colors of yellow, red & orange.

NOTE: No animals were killed to make this product - not even chickens!

Two of Dr. Schwab's chickens parlay their stunning beauty into a photo opp with a well known hard rocker.

Rock Star with Chicks

Rubber Chicken Key Ring
(For situations requiring more discretion
or involving keys requiring frequent finding)

Rubber Chicken Key ChainAerodynamically designed in hard plastic, this 6-inch, bright yellow "Frequent Fryer" has the unique ability to remind you that Road Rage is For the Birds.

Each ONLY $1.75

Inspire Laughter & Help Keep Perspective

The Cell Phone Drink Bottle
(Not a fake phone! It's a phony bottle)

Combine your latte habit with your cell phone addiction!
Bottle is a full 12.5 inches tall

No Monthly Fee -- ever!

Works anywhere - fishing, hiking, European vacations, you name it!

Swear to your boss you had your phone with you, it just, somehow, ahh, never rang...

Each only $8.00

What if the Hokey Pokey
IS What It's All About?
The above philosophical statement on a 10" x 3" piece

Hokey Static Cling Sticker
(green & white and easily removed
from file cabinets, refrigerator doors, etc.)

Each ONLY $2.00

Hokey Standard Bumper Sticker
(yellow & black, and stays on, more or less, for good)

Each ONLY $1.50

Finger Monsters (Adult Size)
Their flailing arms, open mouths, and bulging eyes express frustration so well, you won't have to! PLUS: They work on any finger!


Each ONLY $1.00

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