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I am delighted that we will be working together.

This section is designed to make your job easier!

Don't forget I speak on several topics.

If you want to save on the expenses of bringing in two speakers, or you have a last minute cancellation, check out my other keynotes and workshops and see if there is something that fits your needs!


CLIENTS An extensive list of clients shows the range of expertise Patt offers.

PHOTO - If you need a head shot for a press release or for your program, I placed two identical photos with substantially higher dpi behind this one.

ARTICLES - There are three articles on the articles page that have the same titles as three of my presentations.
Feel free to use them in your publications.

AUDIO-VISUAL - These forms provide information about the room setup and audio visual needs for my presentations:

Preferred Room set-up Chart

Preferred Room Setup with No Overhead Chart

BACKGROUND INFO. - Here is some pre-program questionnaires for you to use. I may send you some supplemental questions, depending on which program you have chosen. Please circulate the questionnaires to the appropriate people in your organization.

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