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FUNdamentally Speaking
Leave A Mark, Not A Stain!

What every leader needs to know about how to use humor

Do you want to look self-confident and intelligent and to connect effectively with others?

  • Use Humor Correctly

Do you want your management career stained by ill will and incompetence?

  • Use Humor Incorrectly

Do you want to cut yourself off from an important source of information?

  • Don't Use Humor At All

Buy this book and learn how to increase your
effectiveness with humor...

Price: $14.95
The examples in this book come from over 30 years of practicing and observing humor in the workplace as a speaker, consultant, employee and as a supervisor of staffs as large as 150 individuals.

They come from personal experiences and from hundreds of stories related by clients in Canada, Europe and the United States, and from fields as diverse as health care, education, banking, forestry, private industry, association management and federal, state and local governments.

Some of the suggestions will be easy to implement from a supervisory position; others are probably more effective when put forward by selected staff members in collaboration with the leader. Some will fit your situation immediately; others will need to be adapted to fit your company culture. Some will make you chuckle; others will have you shaking your head in disbelief!

Just know that each idea worked somewhere, at some time. Since humor requires a measure of spontaneity, know, as well, that no one idea will work anywhere forever.

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The Obscure Holiday eBooks™
FUNdamentally Speaking

Dr. Schwab’s book, The Obscure Holiday HandbookOutrageously fun reasons to celebrate at work, in the classroom, and at home, sold out. It is currently being replaced by a group of twelve eBooks — one for each month — collectively containing over 1,800 clever, inventive, memorable, and downright silly excuses for blog posts, business promotions, office celebrations, senior center get-togethers, special events, or just plain fun with family and friends.

None of them are the well-known holidays already on your calendar, like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Summer Solstice, etc. These are, as the title implies, “Obscure” holidays, eager to be celebrated and to tweak your imagination.
NOTE: None of them were invented by the author.
Check out a few below:

Have More Creative Celebrations!

  • January 3 – Fruitcake Toss Day
  • February 26 – For Pete’s Sake Day
  • March 21 – Incredible Kid Day
  • April 1-7 – Laugh at Work Week
  • May 30 – Hug Your Cat Day
  • June 17 – Root Beer Day
  • July 13 – Embrace Your Geekness Day
  • August 13 – National Left-Handers Day
  • September 10 – Swap Ideas Day
  • October 11 – Emergency Nurses Day
  • November 6 – National Men Make Dinner Day
  • December 16 – Chocolate Covered Anything Day

The Obscure Holiday Ebooks are sold as individual months so you can buy the ones you need. They currently sell for just $1.50 each, making great birthday gifts that will long be remembered. They will also serve as inspirational gifts to the Marketing Department to help kick off an upcoming promotion. Each month includes a list of month-long reasons to celebrate, as well as pages of fascinating daily events.

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What's So Funny About Long-Term Care?
FUNdamentally Speaking

Tips, ideas and examples of how patients and caregivers find humor in long-term care.

Specifically written for individuals involved in long-term care, this book is full of ways patients and caregivers use humor to relieve stress, share love and enrich life.

  • It will make you laugh.
  • It will give you fresh ideas.
  • It will inspire you to bring more humor into your life.
  • It will motivate you to bring humor into the lives of others.
  • Best of all, it will remind you that:

Those who laugh . . . Last!

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Creating a Legacy of Laughter
FUNdamentally Speaking

A Booklet Stuffed with 60 Easy Ways to Add Humor to Your Daily Life

This booklet is loaded with hints on how to create a legacy of laughter. One of the best things about this particular legacy is that you can share it with friends, coworkers and loved ones while you are still on this planet—and whether you have made your millions or not.

It costs less than a greeting card!

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What If The Hokey Pokey IS What It's All About?
FUNdamentally Speaking

An 8x11 page Workbook for Writing the Next Chapter of Your Life!

In 8 easy steps, this workbook will focus you on getting the most from the next chapter of your life.

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, make it a dance step! Hokey Pokey into the next chapter of your life!

Change your life... for a mere $14.95
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